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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care is part of Pewex Group Inc. The website appears to specialize in offering a variety of items, including cosmetics, and other goods. It seems to market itself as a modern extension of traditional Polish commerce, providing a wide range of products and services accessible online.

Privacy & Safety is committed to safeguarding the privacy and safety of its customers. We ensure that all personal information is used, stored, and protected with the utmost care and security. Our privacy policy outlines the use of third-party banking for payment verification, data collection practices, and post-purchase communication.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

    Secure Online Payments

    Credit / Debit Cards


    Offline Payments

Wholesale Inquiries

For wholesale inquiries, welcomes retailers interested in selling our exceptional products. We provide comprehensive information and support to promote business growth and expansion. Join us in delivering quality products to a global audience.

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